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Specialties & Burgers - Lunch
Manchester, NH

The Sundial Burger


Char grilled burger, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, butter pickles, Cheddar cheese on a toasted brioche bun.

Served with French Fries and a Pickle

Burger Temp:Med Rare Medium Medium Well Well
Burger Sides:Sub Truffle Chips Sub Sweet Potato Fries +$2.50Sub Side of the Day +$2Sub Caesar Salad +$2.50Sub Mixed Green Salad +$2.50Sub Bag Chips +$0.95Sub Soup +$4Sub Side Fruit +$1.50No Side
Option:No Pickle No Cheese No Lettuce No Tomato No Onion
Gluten Free:Gluten Free Bread +$1.50Gluten Free Wrap +$1.50Gluten free bun +$1.50
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