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Classic Sandwiches - Lunch
Manchester, NH

Falafel Wrap -


Hand formed falafel, cucumber
relish, Tzatziki sauce and hummus
on a wrap of your choice

Wraps:White Wrap Wheat Wrap Sun DriedTomato Spinach Wrap Gluten Free Wrap +$1.50Gluten Free Bread +$1.50No Wrap
Sandwiches Side Substitutions:Unity Truffle Chips Sub French fries +$2Sub Sweet Potato Fries +$2.50Add Tater Tots +$2Sub Deep River chips +$1Sub Side Soup +$4Sub Mixed Green Salad +$2.50Sub Caesar Salad +$2.50Sub Side Fruit +$1.50No Side
Options:No Cucumber Relish No Tzatziki No Hummus Gluten Free Bread +$2
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